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Our approach to green infrastructure is collaborative, working closely with the design team, client and local authority to create the best project outcomes. We begin with desk studies, reviewing specialists’ surveys and undertaking site visits to understand existing conditions. We seek to work with the existing landscape as far as possible, retaining landform, vegetation and other site features wherever possible. If this is not possible, we provide enhancement proposals.

We make sure that ecologists’ mitigation proposals and the drainage engineers designs are creatively incorporated into an overall scheme design. Green Infrastructure statements are prepared throughout the design process which are then submitted as part of the planning application to explain the strategy.

Building with Nature (BwN) is a standards framework which helps to create better places for people and wildlife through multi-functional and connected green infrastructure. The twelve standards define “what good looks like” by offering a set of quality standards for placemaking, wellbeing, water and wildlife from the point of view of both planners and developers.

At Tir Collective, we use the BwN Standards through all stages of design development to help create better places for people and wildlife.

Our qualified Approved Building with Nature Assessor provides oversight of our designs, either through signposting of BwN Standards or taking project forward to BwN Award. A growing number of local authorities refer to Building with Nature accreditation to assess and define targets for their green infrastructure strategies.

The recent update to PPW Chapter 6 in Wales requires planning applications for development proposals to provide a Green Infrastructure Statement that incorporates signposting against BwN Standards. For projects in England, we work closely with project ecologists to ensure Biodiversity Net Gain is met.

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