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The site is located on the Gwent Levels, a large area of low-lying land between the Severn Estuary to the south and the South Wales valleys to the north.  A key characteristic of the area are the drainage reens which define a strong field pattern.  The proposed solar farm layout reflects this pattern with buffers zones along the reens where improved habitat management is proposed.  Tir Collective prepared the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) and provided technical support during the DNS hearings.

The DNS application was re-submitted in 2022 following amendments to the scheme which included a reduction in the extent of solar panels and the creation of larger wildlife corridors and green infrastructure.

Key Project Features

  • 125MW Solar Farm and battery storage
  • 122ha site
  • Development of National Significance (DNS)
  • The site is located in a Special Landscape Area and a Landscape of Outstanding Historic Interest

Services Provided

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